Sunday, August 17, 2014

Quickest Coconut Ladoos/ coconut Fudge with only 3 ingredients

Quickest Coconut Ladoos/ coconut Fudge with only 3 ingredients

Krishna Janamashtmi, this is the day  when lord Krishna was born. I celebrate this day every year with lots of sweet preparation and special things I do for my lord Krishna idol. I have ladoo gopalji in my home temple to whom I pray on daily basis. 
On Krishna Janamashtmi, I buy new clothes for my Krishna idol, make lots of sweets as prasad, I fast during the day and visit temple too... :)
This year this festival is even special as I have my 15 months old Krishna with me.. <3 my son Ansh.

This celebration started with easy peasy coconut ladoos, it's my personal favorite sweet, rather one of few sweets that I eat. So thought of trying my hands on them. Saw this nestle's kitchen recipe on internet, tweaked as per my own taste and, Tada....... My kind of coconut ladoos were ready..:)

Sharing the recipe with you all..

- designated coconut powder 200 grams
- sweetened Condensed milk 1 tin/400 grams
- khova/ mawa 100 grams
- 2/3 tbsp of more coconut powder for dusting
-  some almond/pistachios flakes for garnishing.

Take a non Stick pan, add condensed milk ( keep the flame on lowest possible). Add coconut powder and khova and cook on lowest flame. Please ensure to cook on low flame and stir continuously.
You will know on e the mixture is ready to take off flame, once it starts loosing the edges.

Once done let the mixture cool. Take small portions and make small balls try to avoid cracks on surface. Roll/ dust them in extra coconut powder and garnish with almond/ pistachio flakes and your yummy coconut Ladoos are ready to enjoy..:)