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Instant Rawa Idli

Instant Rawa Idli

Idlis are staple food in Southern India. It's served during all the 3 meals, and is very light and no oil food. It's thick paste of rice and washed black gram soaked and fermented and then steamed next day. Since it's a lengthy process there are many instant and quick versions to it. 
Today I made an instant and quick fix to idlis using Rawa/semolina/ sooji. The results was supper soft idlis in no time, I also used my microwave idli steamer and the idlis were done in exactly 4 minutes.. 

Yes, so now the idlis making start to end will be just 15 minutes process. 

Sharing my experience of instant idlis


- 1 cup Rawa
- 1/2 cup curd
- 1/4 cup rice flour
- 1 tbsp white split urad/ washed black gram
- 1 tbsp sesame seeds
- 1 tsp mustard seeds
-  2 tbsp chopped cashews
-  few cashew for garnishing
- salt to taste
- 3/4 cup water
- few curry leaves
- 1 tbsp fruit salt/ eno 

1. Take a pan without adding any ghee or oil dry roast urad dal, chopped cashews,curry leaves , mustard seeds and add sooji. Dry roast everything till very lightly golden brown.
2. Once done keep this under fan for cooling

3. Now, take a bowl add this Rawa mixture to which add rice flour and curd. Give a nice mix, and add water little by little to make thick batter. 

4. Once a thick batter is obtained, rest the batter for 10 minutes.
5. Now take the microwave steamer pan and add 1.5 cups drinking water and keep it to boil in microwave veg at high power for 4 minutes.
6. When water is boiled, with only 1-2 drops of oil grease the idli trays.
7. Once everything is ready add salt and fruit salt to the batter ( just before pouring into idli moulds) and add water if the batter has gone very thick.
8. Give it a quick mix and pour in idli moulds.
9. Microwave on high power for 4 minutes with lid.
10. De mould the idli, serve with desired chutney or sambhar.

Your quick and yummy idlis are ready in no time...:)

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