Know me Better

I have been an absolutely tongue-tied on knowledge of food since ever. Like every Indian mom my Mum use to be worried will I just feed my family post wedding with Maggie??:D

Then I met hubby dear who is complete foodie and much later my year old Son walked into my life who changed me upside down. When it comes to being a Mommy, I m sure every mum would give her kids the best. This is what stirred the cook in me and I started experimenting in my kitchen.
Now, I am a foodie who raptures cooking and shake down assorted flavors for my adorable li'l family..<3
My recipes are completely tried and tested as they come directly from my kitchen to you..!!:)
WARNING: My food pics may stimulate hunger, so explore my blog with munchies within a reachable distance! For the love of food…