Saturday, November 1, 2014

Multigrain Flour Potato and cheese stuffed Dinner Rolls

Multigrain Flour Potato and cheese a stuffed dinner Rolls

Today I was in food preparation to Make Aloo parantha ( potato stuffed indian flat bread) for my meal but then, this thought came to my mind that my munchkin is just running away from Chapatis from paste few days. And off lately was done with rice,porridge, idlis and other stuff.
So, while kneading the dough for my regular Aloo Paranthas, thought of giving it a twist and added yeast to it along with some herbs. Proffer the dough and made these stuffed rolls. And to my surprise, my little champ loved them. Usually I feed him with small bites that I make and keep in his plate. But today he took a roll and was biting himself. :) super duper happy Mommy I was...:) <3

I found this idea of stuffed breads not only easy but a healthy one too with minimum oil and you can make so many variations with the stuffing, sweet, salty whatever your kids like...:)

So here I am sharing my impromptu dinner rolls recipe

For dough
- multi grain flour 1.5 cups
- Active dry yeast 1.5 tsp
- sugar 1 tsp
- 1/2 cup warm water
- salt to taste
- Garlic Paste 1 tsp
- Crushed Italian seasoning 1 tbsp 
- olive oil 2 tbsp
- some extra flour for rolling

For Stuffing
- 2 medium sized boiled potatoes
- 1 small finely chopped onion
 - 1 tsp cumin seeds
- 1/2 tbsp oil
- 1/2 tsp carom seeds
- salt to taste
- 1 tsp coriander powder
- 1/2 tsp Garam masala/ curry powder
- 1 tsp either Italian or Cajun seasoning ( I used mix of both)
- 1/4 cup grated processed cheese


For dough
1. Take a small bowl add warm water to it.
2. Add sugar and yeast and stir it well.
3. Leave this mix for at least 10 minutes. This process is called proving the yeast.
4. In a separate big bowl, take flour. To this add salt, garlic paste, seasoning and mix well.
5. Once yeast water is frothed which means yeast is proved, pour this water in the flour mix.
6. Now, using your hand form a nice dough. At this stage dough would be sticky, but don't worry it'll be fine in next step.
7. Now, take this sticky dough on your work counter and add olive oil to the dough and knead the dough using your fist and Palm for at least 7-8 minutes.
 8. Once the dough is kneaded grease it little from   all over.
9. Now take a big bowl grease it lightly and place the dough in this bowl. 
10. Keep this bowl in warm place cover with a kitchen towel or any clean cloth ,for first proving for approx. 45 minutes, or till the dough turns double.
11. Once the dough is doubled, take it out on flour dusted work surface and knead for about a minute or so.
12. Your dough is ready to work with

For Stuffing
1. Take a pan and heat oil in it.
2. Add cumin seeds and carom seeds and let it splutter
3. Once done, add onion and cook till light golden brown
4.  Add mashed potatoes along with salt,coriander powder seasoning and mix well.
5. Let this cook for about 2 minutes and then turn off the flame.
6. Add the end, add Garam masala and mix well. 
7. Before start using this filling ensure to get it cooled and reach room temperature.

Assembling of Rolls
1. Take the flour dough on your dusted work surface 
2. Roll it in one big chapati, approx 10" or a size of dinner plate
3. Once done, using pizza cutter decide 8 equal wedges/slices of the dough.
4. Now on each slice on the outer edge keep spoon full of stuffing along with some grated cheese and close the roll.
5. Repeat the process for all the rolls.
6. Keep them on greased baking tray leaving enough space between each of them. 
7. Cover it with a clean muslin cloth or kitchen towel in warm place for 15 minutes.
8. In the meanwhile, pre heat the oven qt 180 degrees C
9. Bake proved rolls on 180 degrees C for 20 + minutes or till they are nice golden brown in colour.

Your yummy and health potato cheese rolls using multigrain flour is ready. You can enjoy them with any dip you like or with regular tomato ketchup. While my munchkin enjoyed it as it is, I loved them with tangy tamarind dip.. :) :)