Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Individual Serving Chocolate Parfait

Individual Serving Chocolate Parfait

chocolate Mousse is all time hit with my family. Gone weekend was hubby's birthday and I planned to surprise him with few of his fav. Things.
He loves chocolate and desserts made with chocolate. So my menu had to have chocolates chocolates and more chocolates. Along with his birthday cake, I decided to make these chocolate Parfaits, have used shot glasses to serve them which make them perfect for parties, family get together so and potlucks too. It's absolutely simple to prepare and people will all the age group would love it.

I am taking these party Dessert to weekend party @ Angie' Fiesta Friday Co Hosted by Nancy and Loretta.. :-)  Happy FF :-) 

- 200 ml heavy whipping cream
- 100 grams of icing sugar ( ONLY if the cream you are using is not sweet)
- 200 grams of dark/milk chocolate
- 1-2 tbsp of crunchy peanut butter
- 3-4 tbsp of Nutella or Hershey's chocolate syrup
- 3-4 crushes chocolate flavoured Oreo biscuit chunks
- Decorations ( you can use gems, chocolate balls, edible flower. Marshmallow. Sugar sprinklers) and anything that is easily available. 

Process of making chocolate mousse
1. Take a big bowl, in which add chilli need whipping cream ( you can wither freeze for few hour or refrigerate overnite)
2. Now starting from slow to medium speed whip/beat the cream till soft peaks.
3. Now, if the cream that you are us ing is not sweet add half of the icing sugar and beat on medium speed, add another batch and beat till stiff peaks.
4. The cream at this stage is whipped nicely. Put the howl of cam in refrigerator for 15 minutes.
5. In the meanwhile, using a double boiler melt the chocolate. 
6. Let chocolate Coll down a little.
7. One the chocolate is cooled,  take out the whipped cream and add only a spoon full of the whipped cream and add to the melted chocolate. 
* we are not adding either entire cream directly chocolate or chocolate to cream, because the whipped cream at this stage is very cold. And, if we add it to the chocolate without tampering the chocolate will,solidify and ruin the cream.
8. One a spoonful of cream is added to the melted chocolate mix it nicely. Now, the  temperature of both cream and chocolate would have settled down.
9. Now, mix this cream and chocolate mix to the entire whipped cream.
10. Give it a good mix/ whip it for final 1 minute. As the chocolate mixes with the cream you will start getting stiffer peaks. 
11. Voila, your chocolate mousse is ready. 

Assembling of parfait shots
- take shot classes and at the bottom drop a piece of gem, marshmallow, chocolate chunk.
- add some peanut butter and tap nicely.
- now add a scoop of mousse prepared above.
- give a nice tap to each shot so that the mouse is settles nicely and uniformly.
- add some Nutella or Hershey syrup to each glass and give it few taps.
- now add some Oreo chunks and with the help of a fork, equalise them min the glasses.
- now, add a final scoop of mouse using a piping bag.
- decorate with your factorise topping or sprinklers. 

Pure chocolate indulgence is ready to please your guests...:) :)
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