Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Moong Dal, Oats and Paneer cheese, Lentil, Oats and Paneer savoury pan cakes

Moong Dal,  Oats and Paneer cheese,  Lentil,  Oats and Paneer savoury pan cakes

These days my champ is giving me really hard time having his meals.  So I am Left with no option but to Cheat him and make him eat healthy in every interesting possible Way... :-D ;-)

I know Moong Dal cheela is nothing new And interesting.  But,  what if it comes with goodness of Oats and calcium and. Protein packed paneer?  Now,  it sounds interesting hah?? :-)  I knew... :-) 

This way I gave a healthy meal to my little hero and he happily grabbed it..  What else would a mommy ask for.. :-)

It was yummy too,  so much so that I had 1 of them while preparing them... :-)

So quickly let's have a look how to prepare them..

- 1/2 cup yellow Moong dal
- 1/4 grated Paneer
- 1 small pack any flavored  oats.  I used Suffola classic masala one.
-salt to taste
- 1 tsp.  Fresh lime juice
- 1 Tbsp fresh chopped coriander leaves
- some ginger garlic paste
- 2-3 Tbsp of oil

1. Soak the Moong Dal for atleast 2 hours in warm water.
2. After 2 hours,  drain all the excess water and in grinder,  using few Tbsp of water make it into a smooth paste.
3. Take the Dal paste in a bowl.
4. Add salt,  coriander,  Oats, paneer, ginger garlic paste  and lime juice. 
5. Mix everything well.
6. Now take a non Stick griddle/pan and heat it on medium flame.
7. Once heated, take a ladle full of mix and Spread with light hand in circular motion. The spread should Neither Be too thick nor too thin.
8. Sprinkle few drops of oil around the edges and top.  And let it cook for about a minute or so on medium flame. 
9. Once it turns golden brown,  flip it and cook Till the other side is nicely cooked with golden brown color.
10. Serve hot with any kind of dip or tomato ketchup.

Your healthy and yummy,  and easy peasy breakfast option is ready in no time. And without much efforts. :) 

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Thanks..:)This mix well give you around 5-6 cheelas. :-)