Friday, November 7, 2014

Moong Dal Halwa/ Split, Husked Green Lentil Fudge

Moong Dal Halwa

I made this few weeks back and many people requested for recipe, so finally for chance today p pen down the recipe.. :)
Moong Dal Halwa is traditional fudge prepared with cooking a Split and husked green Lentil in milk and clarified butter for hours. It takes lot of time and efforts but the end result is absolutely worth the efforts that one puts in. This is one no fail recipe that I have learned from my mom. This is my favourite Halwa and I use to hide my share whenever mom use to make it I remember. :D

Mow, since I have tried this recipe couple of times I can vouch that's it's a no fail one. Just take the right measurement of ingredients, and have lots of patience ..:)

- Moong Dhuli / split and Husked green lentil 1 cup
- 1/2 cup milk
- 3/4 cup carried butter/ghee
- 2 tbsp of gram flour 
- 3/4 cup sugar
- 3/4 cup water
- few strands of saffron 
- desired nuts for garnishing

1. Soak the lentil/ dal  overnight  and in the morning wash and drain all the excess water from the same.
2. Take a grinder jar out the lentil/ dal and and approx 1/4 cup of milk to make paste of the dal.
3. Ensure the paste made is neither too smooth nor to coarse
4. Now take a heavy bottom wok/ pan and heat the clarified butter
5. Bring down the flame to minimum. Add, gram flour and stir a little. Now, add lentil/dal paste and here starts the real show of muscles power.. :D. You now need to keep on stirring the mix very nicely to avoid any sticking at the bottom which may cause burning. 
6. In another pan make sugar syrup. In a pan take water water and add sugar and cook on low flame till all the sugar is dissolved and nice syrup is formed. At the end add saffron strands.
7. Once you see the mix is getting dried out and the colour of the mix after all the milk gets evaporated has changed in nice golden brown colour ( this may take around 15-20 minutes)  add the prepared sugar syrup.
8. Bring up the flame to medium and stir quickly now. 
9. When you see the halwa/ fudge is leaving butter/ghee from sides this means your halwa/ fudge is prepared. This may take somewhere around 4-5 minutes. 
10. Garnish with nuts.

Your yummy and delish moong dal halwa is ready... :)

1. Ensure flame is at minimum all the time till you add sugar syrup
2. Ensure you do not stop stirring at any point of time.

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Thanks.. :-)