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Medu Vada/ Indian Savoury snack made with white Lentil

Medu Vada/ Indian Savoury snack made with white Lentil

Medu Vada is a very famous breakfast in southern India along with Idlis ( for instant rava idli Recipe click Here. It is served hot with tangy Sambhar and Coconut chutney . For Coconut chutney Recipe click

I love Vada, so one fine day when I was craving for these yummy vadas, this thought of trying them on my own came to my kind. The recipe is very easy and simple and is very simple to the Davi Vada recipe that I have shared earlier. ( for Davi Vada recipe click Here )

Since the Vada preparation retired soaking of lentil/dal over night, u need to plan its preparation in advance. This is traditional way, which is used in almost all,the the families in South India to prepare their breakfast.

I took tips of this from my mom. She guided me through very well, and I was more than happy with my first ever trial with these Vadas.

Sharing my way of making them.

- 1 cup White Urad dal/ white lentil ( washed and soaked over night)
- 3-4 curry leaves
- 1 onion finely chopped
- 1 and 1/2 tbsp of finely chopped Coconut dices.
- salt to taste
- 1/2 tsp cumin seeds
- 2 pinch of hing/ asafoetida
- 1/ 4 tsp of black pepper powder
-oil for frying

1. In the morning, strain the excess water from the soaked dal.
2. In a grinder make paste with as little as possible water. The paste should be neither too coarse nor too smooth.
3. Take the dal,paste in a bowl. Add seasoning I,e. Salt, black pepper powder hing, and cumin Seeds.
4. Now add chopped coconut , chopped onion and chopped curry leaves.
5. Mix everything very well.
6. Now you need to beat the dal mix to aerate the dal. This is done so that Vada are absolutely light and soft.
7. Traditional method is to beat with hands, but I used a hand whisk to beat the mixture. It too, me around 6 mints. To beat the mix till it became light and fluffy.
8. To do a small test and confirm the dal is well beaten is, drop a small dollar of dal in bowl of water if it floats, it means it's good to go.
9. Now, heat the oil for frying. 
10. Take a bowl of water , and every time you make a Vada you need to dip your hand in water and make them wet.
11. One you make your hands wet, take handful of the dal mix. And with the help of a finger make a hole in middle (I used a scoop to make a hole in middle, as I wasn't comfortable doing with finger) 
12. And leave the Vada in hot oil, let the Vada cook on medium flame till it becomes golden brown from both the sides.
13. You can serve them with coconut chutney recipe here, tomato chutney recipe here .
Or enjoy them just like that.

They are yumm and so easy to make...)

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