Saturday, December 20, 2014

Oreo Pops

Oreo Pops

As Christmas arrives we start preparing for the festival weeks and months in advance. Shopping, cleaning, Gifts and parties ... Christmas brings lots of positive vibes in every home and family. 
Christmas was my favourite festival since childhood. Yes, of course you guessed it right ;because of Santa and the gift...:D:D

Today when I am playing role of a Mommy in my real life, I was thinking to prepare some home made foodies as Christmas give away. To prepare something that kids would love for start to end. Something colourful, sweet, and of course chocolaty. 

I saw these cute little thingy called Oreo pops as return gifts in one of the kid's birthday party I went few days back. Kids were so happy to receive these Oreo pops. And, I loved the idea too. Kids love Oreo , we all know that. So, why not to take a simple looking Oreo to a chocolaty, colourful  and yummilicious wonderful world...:) :)

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Ingredients : for 10 Oreo pops
- 10 Oreo biscuits ( preferably unbroken)
- approx. 50 grams White chocolate
- approx. 150 grams milk chocolate
- 10 lolly pop sticks
- sugar sprinklers of your choice

1. Take single Oreo biscuit, with utmost care and with very gently hands separate them in 2 part. Once, some you will have 2 parts from one Oreo. One tight cream and one without cream. Repeat the process with all the Oreos.
2. Melt White Chocolate either on a double boiler or in microwave.
3. Take 1 lolly pop stick dip one end up to almost 1/2 inch in white chocolate and stick this gently onto the cream part of Oreo biscuit and immediately, stick back the 2nd part of Oreo biscuit with no cream to again make it Original one Oreo biscuit. Repeat with rest of the Oreos. 
4. White chocolate works as glue to stick the lolly pop stick as gradually white chocolate starts cooling and settling. 
5. In step 3, press both the sides very gently to bring the Oreo together as one, else it will break into pieces.
6. Once done, let them rest for at least 1 hour.
7. In the meanwhile, melt the milk chocolate on a double boiler or microwave.
8. Once the lolly pop stick is fixed to Oreos, one by one start dipping the Oreos with very very gently hands in melted milk chocolate. .
9. While sipping harm, ensure the entire Oreo is coated nicely with chocolate . And handle the Oreo with extra care, as if there is excess chocolate , it might becomes heavy for the stick to hold melted chocolate  and it may collapse. 
10. Once done, sprinkle some sugar sprinklers of your choice, and place each Oreo pop in a butter paper/ wax paper/ parchment paper. 
11. Let them rest till chocolate cools and settles down.

Your beautiful and delicious Oreo pops are ready. Try them, and your kids will fall in love with them.

Imp. Tips
1. There are multiple variation, using sugar sprinklers, coconut powder, praline, Choco chips or nothing at all.
2. While dipping each pop in melted chocolate for coating, ensure to do it quickly as with the heat of milk chocolate, the White chocolate working as glue  might melt and the entire pop looses itself.
3. While sticking the stick with the help of white chocolate, do not over do the white chocolate as it will gradually make the Oreo heavy and difficult to handle in later stages.

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