Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Davi Vada

Dahi Vada 

dahi Vada is a typical street food that comprises chat in norther India. It's made of black washed gram/ white Urad dal and soaked in curd and some other sweet and tangy dips and chutney along with spices.

I have never liked dahi vada, until my recent trip to delhi. Where I tasted them at my cousin's place and they where just irresistible. Super soft and yummy... Since then I have been craving them, so thought of trying them myself.

This was my first attempt on them and fortunately, by god's grace they came perfect.

Sharing this recipe, which is originally my mom's recipe..:)

- 3/4 cup White split white Urad DSL
- 1/2 cup washed split moong dal
- pinch of hing/asoferida
- 1 tsp of cumin seeds
- salt to taste
- oil for deep frying
- 1 litre curd
- 1.5 tbsp of sugar
- sweet and tangy chutney/ saunth
- degi mirch for garnishing
- cumin powder for garnishing
- chat masal for garnishing
- pomegranate for garnishing
- freshly chopped coriander for garnishing
- few ginger juliens for garnishing

1. In a big bowl take both the lentils together and wash them nicely.
2. I. Fresh drinking water soak them overnight.
3. In the morning drain the excess water from the lentils.
4. Put them jar along with hing and cumin seeds, ansh bring them in a
Not so smooth paste.
5. Now, take this mix out in a big bowl and add salt.
6. Now with a big spoon or with your hand beat the lentil paste for good 10 minutes. This process areate the mix which makes the vadas soft and fluffy. 
7. To check whether the lentil mix is beated enough, take drinking water in small bowl and with small spoon add little mix to the water. If the mix floats, this means it's aerated enough and is good to go.
8. Now, in hot oil take spoon fool of lentil mix and leave in oil with the help of spoon itself. 
9. Cook them till nice golden on medium flame.
10. Once done, take them out on a player towel.
11. Now, soak them in salted water for minimum 15 minutes.
12. In a separate bowl take curd add sugar and beat with a whisk till sugar dissolves.
13. To serve, take serving dish out vada ( ensure to squeeze extra water). 
 14. Top vadas with generous amount on curd, some sweet and tangy chutney, sprinkle some cumin powder, Peprika, chat masala, pomegranate, Ginger juliens and chopped coriander.

Your plateful of yummy and melt in mouth Dahi Vadas are ready to enjoy...:)