Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Kesar Rasgullas or Rajbhog

Kesar Rasgullas

Rasgullas is an Indian Dessert also known as Roshagulla. It comes from vibrant Bengali / eastern family    Of desserts. It's yummy and healthiest Indian dessert as there is no frying required for preparing this sweet. It as also known king of Indian sweets. A perfect rasgullas is very soft, smooth, spongy and it's melt in mouth taste and texture will leave you speechless...:)

Process of preparing rasgullas is a little tricky task, but then as we say practice makes you perfect. This was my third attempt at rasgullas and trust me it's easier than any other spdessert preparation. It's just that there needs to be certain precautions taken.

So first I'll run through the ingredients and process and preparing them and then will share few tips to avoid any failure...:)


Milk - 1 litre
Lemon juice - 1 to 2 tbsp. 
Corn Flour - 1/2 tsp.
Sooji- 1/2 tsp.
Sugar - 1.5 cups
Water - 3-4 cups
Cardamom powder - a pinch
Pista flakes and saffron strands for filling
Saffron, and pista/ almonds for garnishing

Method :

1. Heat milk, bring it to boil and simmer it. 
2. Take the milk off flame and let it cool a little for 3-4 minutes.
3. Add lemon juice and stir slowly. 
4. When milk starts curdling, stop adding the lemon juice further and keep stirring very slowly.
5. Take a muslin cloth and pour the curdled milk, filtering the whey water completely. Wash it well in running cold water. 
6. Now, let the water drain out naturally without squeezing, for this in a muslin cloth hang the paneer for at least an hour.
7. Take the paneer on a clean surface and knead with back of your palm for at least 5 minutes. Here please ensure not to over knead the paneer as it should not leave fat.
8. Now, add corn flour , sooji and knead it well for another 2-3 minutes.
9. Make small balls out of it, ensuring there are no cracks.
10. Stuffing of pista flakes and saffron strands is optional. While making balls press the paneer balls between ur palm, keep required Amt. Of pista flakes and saffron and them make them in small balls with no cracks.
11. Heat water in pressure pan, add sugar, cardamom powder and few saffron strands for yellow colour. 
12.Keep stirring till sugar dissolves completely. 
13.When the sugar syrup boils, add the paneer balls one by one.
14. Pressure cook for one whistle and simmer it for 5 minutes by th clock.
15. Once the pressure goes off, open the lid and check if the balls have cooked well, and then close the lid for even better results and wait till the pressure pain comes till room temp.
16.The yummy kesar rosgullas are ready to enjoy.. To enjoy them at their best, put them in fridge fore couple of hours.

Note : I used 5 litre pressure pan to make rasgullas

- For best results, start with best milk. I,e. Used tonned milk only preferably cow's milk
- while curdling the milk, don't add the lemon juice while milk is still bolting on gas, this will make your Rasgullas chewy
- Your milk should curdle in big lumps of paneer, if the paneer lumps are too small, the Rasgullas might be at risk in the later stage.
- For perfect texture of rasgullas. Do not over drain the water from paneer else the rasgullas will be my too dry.
- While kneading be very cautious as excess and deficit if th kneading will not lead to perfect textured rasgullas.
- while shaping them, ensure there are no cracks
- While putting them in Preassure pan, ensure don't over crowd them. Else while they are boiling they will heat each other and loose their shape.

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