Wednesday, September 17, 2014

3 ingredients yummy Malai Ladoos

Malai ladoos

Malai ladoos are very famous Indian sweet in Northern India especially in States like UP. In traditional way it is prepared by evaporization process of sweetened milk.
Since the tradition way of preparing these ladoos is very lengthy there is a shortcut of preparing. Them using sweetened condensed milk and cottage cheese/paneer.

I have tried my hands on these ladoos quite a few time now, and they are always a hit with family. 
This time I tried my hands on these ladoos with a hint of natural and edible rose water. This gave an absolutely refreshing fragrance and taste to the ladoos adding that extra kick to them...:)

Please note the ingredients and process of the ladoos

Preparation time - almost 20 minutes
No. Of ladoos as result- close to 12

- 1/2 cup sweetened condensed milk
- 200 grams coarsely crumbled paneer/ cottage cheese
- 1 tsp. good quality edible rose water

For garnishing
- few pinch of cardamom powder
- few pistachio flakes
- few strands of saffron

* garnishing is optional and not mandatory

1. On work surface take panner and with the help of base of your palm, knead till nice creamy texture.
2. Add paneer to the pan ad add condensed milk to it.
3. On low flame, cook this till the mixture losses edges.
4. Noce done, add rose water and give it a good mix.
5. Once done, let the mixture cool.
6. Once cooled to room temprature, take handful of the mixture and shape them in balls.
7. Garnish with cardamom powder/pista flames and saffron strands.

You yummy malai ladoos are ready to be indulged in..:) :)