Friday, July 25, 2014

Makhana/Phool Makhana Almond Kheer

Makhana Almond Kheer

Makhana Kheer is usually prepared and delicacy that 
is enjoyed during Fast/Vrat in India, but its so light and delicious you can 
enjoy it any time of the year/Day. Very quickly done and loved by all. This 
Kheer is prepared with Only makhana and Milk and Sugar but I added a twist to 
it by adding Almond Meal. So here is detailed recipe and process for this 
Kheer.. :)

* Makhana 50 Grams ( Dry Roast on low Flame for 2 mints. then grounded in 
blender/mixer very roughly only a pulse or 2)
* Almond 3/4 Cup ( Grounded in a Mixer/blender till coarse Powder)
* Sugar 1//2 cup
* Milk 1 Liter
* Cardamom Powder ( Option) 1/2 Tsp
* Few Almond Flakes to Garnish ( Optional)

Take a big heavy bottom pan and add milk, on medium flame bring milk to boil. 
Then add makhane to milk along with sugar. Let this cook for 2 mints. then add 
Grounded almonds to the Pan. Stir Occasionally to avoid burning of the milk. 
When the kheer is thickened in consistency add cardamom powder and cook for 
another mint. Serve hot/Cols as desired garnish with Few Almond Flakes/Psita 
Flakes/Cardamom powder or Few Saffron Strands.. 

Your Yummy Delicious Kheer is ready to enjoy..:)