Thursday, July 24, 2014

Eggless Butterscotch Cake

Eggless Butter Scotch Cake

It was my Lil Champ"s 15 th month completion and by god's grace we still 
celebrate his monthly milestone. In past all these years has done 
Chocolate,Orange, Lemon and lots of other cakes for him. This time wanted to do 
something subtle but rich in flavor cake, after considering lots of options 
decided to do a Butterscotch cake. Creamy, Yummy, Rich Cake Topped with 
Chocolate, Sugar Shavings and Cashew Praline. Ummmmm.. Trust me you can not 
resist it..:) <3

- For Sugar Shavings
 * I Cup Sugar 

- For Praline
  * Few Cashew
  * 1/2 Cup Sugar
  * Few Drops of Oil
- For Whipping Cream/Frosting
  * Butter Scotch Essence
  * Lemon Yellow Color
  * Whipping Cream 1 Cup
  * 1/2 Cup Powdered sugar/Icing Sugar
- For Cake
  * 1.5 Cups All purpose flour/Maida
  * 1 Tsp. Baking Soda
  * 1 Tsp. Baking Powder
  * 1/2 cup powdered sugar
  * 2 Tbsp. Vinegar/lemon Juice
  * Butter scotch essence 2 Tsp.
  * Butter 1/2 cup ( at room temperature)
  * Butter scotch crush 2-3 Tbsp.
  * 8" Cake tin, greased well and lined with butter paper
  * 1/2 cup milk ( Room Temperature)
- For Assembling Cake
  * Cutter Scotch Crush
  * Sugar Syrup
- Cake
Take a bowl add butter and sugar and beat till light creamy and fluffy. In a 
separate bowl add all the dry ingredients ( Flour/Baking Soda/Baking Powder) 
and sieve/sift them At least twice ( Since the cake is eggless sieving give nice 
air to the flour mix that will give desired texture to your cake.To the Butter 
sugar mix add butter scotch essence and butter scotch crush and beat well. After 
this, add half of the flour mix and half of the Milk and beat the batter well. 
Once done, add rest of the flour mix and rest of the milk and mix all the 
ingredients well enough to make a pouring consistency batter ( ensure not to 
over beat the mix at this point).
Just before putting the cake in baking/cake tin add Vinegar/lemon juice and 
very quickly give good mix to the batter ( DO not over beat). Immediately after 
adding Vinegar transfer the batter to cake tin and pop it in oven to bake. bake 
the cake in pre heated oven at 180 degrees for 35+ mints./or till a tooth pick 
comes clear.Once the cake is baked let the cake cool completely before slicing 
and frosting it.

- Praline
In a non stick pan add sugar and let it caramelize on low flame till pouring 
consistency ensure to stir well else sugar lumps will form. to this add Cashew 
and cook for another mints. Now turn off the flame and pour the mix in a 
greased steal plate and let it cool.
Once cooled push the plate from below so that sugar chunk come out, once done 
put it In a blender and give it a pulse or 2 and your Butter Scotch Praline is 
ready. :)

- Sugar Shavings
In a non stick pan add sugar and let it caramelize on low flame till pouring 
consistency ensure to stir well to avoid lumps. Once done turn off the flame 
pour the mix in a greased steel plate and let cool. Now, with the help of sharp 
knife mark rough marks of the desired shapes of sugar shaving and push the 
plate from below so that sugar chunks come out. Your Sugar shavings are ready.. 

- For Whipping Cream/Frosting
In a bowl take Whipping cream and with a beater beat the cream till soft peaks 
on medium speed. Once done, add sugar, food color,essence and crush and beat 
on high speed till stiff peaks. Once done Freeze for at least 30 mints. before 
you proceed decorating the cake.

- Assembling Cake
on a plate take cake slice it with a sere-ted long knife in two. on the bottom 
layer sprinkle some sugar syrup, some cream frosting and 2 tbsp. of crush and 
spread evenly. Place second layer and sprinkle some more sugar syrup. Now add 
good amt. of cream frosting and spread even on all the sides of cake. once done 
wait for the final coat and freeze the cake for at least 20 mints. Once 20 mints. 
are over, take out the cake and take more cream frosting and smooth-en the cake 
with a butter knife.palate knife. Once done decorate with Chocolate 
shaving,Sugar Shaving,Praline, Melted Chocolate, Sugar Sprinklers whatever you 
desire.. :) 

Your Yummy irresistible Butterscotch Cake is ready to gulp.. :) <3