Sunday, July 27, 2014

Maggi Spring Roll

Maggi, favorite with all age group.. But, will u serve Maggi to a guest as appetizer/starter...??? Nah?? Why not if it is with a twist???
In March I went to Delhi at one of my cousin's place nd had these yummy Maggi invention.. Was there in my to do list for long.. Yesterday made them for evening snack... Super yummy, easy to make , minimum oil ( apart from frying), loved by all presenting ** Maggi Spring Rolls**.
Me and hubby and Ansh obviously, became their fan at very first go... Now I know, what can I make for guest who arrives at short notice.. :p :)

Maggi Spring Rolls
*Maggi/Top ramen (Any noodle of your choice, I used Top Ramen Oats Noodles)
* Chopped Vegetables of your choice approx. 3/4th cup in total. I used Onions, capsicum, carrots and Cabbage if you want you can add beans, spring onions as well.
* Salt to taste
* Chat Masala 1 TSP
* Water to boil Maggi
* Oil/Butter 1 TSP ( I used Olive Oil)
* Black Pepper Powder ¼ th TSP
* Tomato Ketchup 1 TBSP
* Soya Sauce ½ TSP
Take a pan heat Oil, in heated oil add onion and roast till translucent. Once Done add Capsicum, Carrot and rest of the Vegetables of your choice and cook for about 2 Mints. Now, add your Noodles along with the masala and give it a boil. Once done, add chat Masala, Salt, Black Pepper and cook. Once the Water is evaporated from the noodles add Ketchup and Soya Sauce. Cook the filling till extra moisture is gone, else the moisture in the filling will make the Spring Rolls Soggy. Let the Filling cool now.
Outer Covers/Spring Roll Wrappers
• 1 Cup Maida
• 1TBSP Oil
• ½ TSP of salt
• ½ Cup Warm Water
Take a Bowl add flour, Oil, Salt and mix them well. Now by adding little by little water knead a very soft dough. The dough should be as soft as Chapatti Atta Dough. Once Done, let the dough rest for atleast 10 Mints. Now, divide the dough in small equal sized balls. And with the help of Dry Flout roll them as thin as possible. Cook it on tawa from both the sides little light golden brown without oil.
Assembling of Rolls
• Oil for Frying
• Maida and water thick paste to seal the edges
With the help of a spoon spread 1 TBSP of filling on 1 wrapper towards the inner end/edge and with the help of Flour (Maida ) and water mixture fix the edges as you roll it towards the other end.
Deep fry them on medium flame till nicely golden brown.

Your Maggi Spring Rolls r ready enjoy and share your experiences..