Thursday, October 9, 2014

Jhatpat Kadhai Paneer in 10 minutes

JJhatpat Kadhai Paneer in 10 minutes/ quick cottage cheese in Spicy gravy

Kadhai. Paneer is a typical spicy Paneer curry accompanied by tomatoes, onion and capsicum. Authentic method is a lengthy process to cook the gravy on low flame with whole spices. But, I do it my way a cheat way..:)
The results are absolutely yummy with no compromise on taste. This is my best option when comes to main course when unexpected guest arrives without notice. 

There are many ways to prepare cottage cheese and I believe you give same ingredients  with same quantities to 10 different people and you will have 10 different dishes. This is my way I am sure this will work for all those who loves quick yet yummy, easy yet delectable food...:)

For Kadhai Paneer ( Quick Fix/Jhatpat Version)
* Paneer 250 Grams (  Cubed/Diced)
* 1 Onion Cubed/ diced
* 1 Tomato Cubed/diced
* 1 Capsicum Cubed/ diced
* Salt to Taste
* Garam masala 1/2 Tsp.
* Any of the following Kitchen King Masala/Maggi Masala Magic/Paneer masala 1 Tsp.
* Coriander Powder 1 tsp.
* Red Chilli Powder 1/4 Tsp.
* Oil 1 Tbsp

* Milk with exrtra cream littles less than 1/4 cup

* Fenugreek leaves 1/2 tsp
* Ginger Garlic Paste 1/2 Tsp.

* Cumin Seeds

Take a pan/Wok heat oil, add cumin seeds and wait till it splutters. Once done 
add Onion saute for a mint. then add ginger garlic paste, saute till golden 
brown. Add Tomatoes and salt and let them cook with lid/Covered for 1 mint. on 
medium flame. After 1 mint. add Capsicum and let it cook for another 2 mints. 
Once done add all the remaining spices ( coriander powder,Red Chilli powder,garam masala,Any 
Kitchen king or other masala available)and give the curry a good mix. now, add 
paneer , milk and fenugreek leaves and mix. Now cover the pan with lid and let the curry cook for about 5-6 mints. on medium flame. 

Your Quick Kadhai Paneer is ready!! Enjoy with naan,parantha of your choice