Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Another milestone to my cooking journey...

Hello readers,  this is not a cook post with recipe and then process step to follow.  This is to share with you all my new venture of home baking that I have started recently.  It's been less than a week since I delivered my first order of home made chocolates. Though it was for a very near and dear friends, but then what matters is your very first client. 

I made flavours like fruit and nut,  Dark coffee crunch,  Milk mint crunch,  Dark Hazelnut bite,  milk Oreo Delite and Roasted almond as part of my first batch.

By god's grace in past 6 days I had made almost 17 kgs of chocolate with flavours mentioned above and few additions like Saffron pistachio in white chocolate,  blueberry bunch, peanut butter crunch,  milk crackle, orange and raisin and the list goes very long. 

I am glad to have a very supportive husband who helped me from getting material from almost another corner of the city to choose individual chicane wrappers.  He also drove almost 50 kms.  To get me milk chocolate which due to festive season was available only at one particular shop in city.  Without his support and encouragement this wouldn't have been possible. :-) <3

I also made choco coconut truffles for a customer, which I  going to diver tomorrow.  Hoping with fingers crossed for a positive feedback.

This is just the beginning,  I hope and pray god that I see many such milestone during this cooking journey... 

Thanks for your time.  Sharing some pics.  Of my recent projects.. :-)