Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Masala Kaju

Masala Kaju/Spicy Cashews

Masala Kaju as the name suggests is a preparation of cashews in which cashews are roasted and infused with various spices and flavors. Masala Kaju makes a super snack both to prepare and please the guest. Whether it’s a cocktail party or winter evening with friends, An outing with friends or long distance travel, these Spicy Cashews are very handy to carry and is loved by all.

Masala Cashews are available in various different Flavors; I tried my version of Spicy Cashews with a dominating flavor of Cumin and Asafetida.

Few days back we got a pack of Masala Peanuts from a store, and I was instantly in love with the flavors used to prepare those Peanuts. Though the peanuts were fried , thus load of calories but I was so loving it.. :D :p

I immediately thought of giving that flavor a try with Cashews with much less oil and healthier version. So this Cashew preparation includes only 1 Tbsp of oil/Butter so you can munch them guilt free…J

Sharing the ingredients required followed by the recipe/Process:

Ingredients required
·         250 grams of good quality whole Kaju/Cashews
·         1 tsp of Clarified butter/Ghee
·         Salt as per taste
·         ½ TBSP Chat Msala
·         ½  tbsp roasted Cumin Powder
·         ¼ tsp of hing/ Asafetida
·         1 tsp of Garam Masala
·         ½ tsp of Black Salt
·         ½ tsp of Dry Mango Powder
·         1 tsp whole Cumin Seed

1.)    On a microwave safe plate spread cashew and dry roast on full power for 2.5 minutes, ensure to check every 30 minutes ( please ensure to check the cashews every 30 seconds as every Microwave is different in terms of power and temperatures accordingly).
2.)    You will know that the cashews are done when you will see a light golden brown color on them.
3.)    Now, take them out on a plate or in a bowl and lets them rest for a minute or so.
4.)    In the meanwhile mix all the spices together in a small bowl, except cumin Seeds, Clarified butter and Asafetida.
5.)    In a small pan heat clarified butter till its Smokey and then turn off the flame.
6.)    Add cumin seeds and let it splutter a little.
7.)    Add Asafetida and mix well.
8.)    Pour this cumin and Asafetida infused clarified butter on cashews and mix well. This is not only help to enhance the taste but with the help of butter, rest of the spices will also stick well to cashews.
9.)    Sprinkle the spice mix on to the cashews and mix well till each cashew is coated with the spice.
10.) Your Masala Kaju/Spicy Cashews are ready. You can store them for atleast 5-6 and maximum to 15-20 days in an ai tight container.

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