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Kesari Badam Katli/Saffron Infused Almond Fudge

Kesari Badam Katli/ Saffron infused Almond fudge

Indian Festive season is just around the corner, and any Indian festival without some awesome and royal preparation of sweets is absolutely incomplete. Everyone has their own way and traditions of celebration, with my family; festival basically means taking blessing from almighty and parents and enjoys festival with good food and lots of sweets..:)

This season there are few things, Many rather :P on my to do list for Diwali. Badam Barfi/Katli was one of them. I tried tried tried but failed. Was able to get the correct texture but wasn’t able to bring the mixture to a consistency where the Fudge/Barfi mixture would Set. Then my adorable friend Farruk’s post of Kaju (Cashew) katli/Barfi came to rescue ( here Recipe link for Kaju Katli -  Click Here). I understood where I was wrong and then One fine day gathered the courage of trying the experiment again, and yes this time it came absolutely perfect Happy Happy me.. :)

Wholesome goodness of Almonds, No adulteration of Milk powder, Mawa, or any other binder and filler. Added advantage of this recipe is use of very less fat (Ghee/Unsalted Butter).
Without any further discussion let’s get started on how to make these easy Badam Katli.

·         250 Grams Almonds
·         125 grams Sugar (approx.  ( approx. ¾ cup, you can increase or reduce the sugar quantity as per your sweet preferences)
·         1 cup water for sugar Syrup
·         3-4 cups of boiling hot water to soak almonds
·         1 tbsp Ghee/ Unsalted butter to spread
·         ¼ tsp of good quality Saffron
·         2 tbsp warm milk
·         Butter paper or thick plastic sheet to spread and cut

1.)    In a small bowl take Warm milk and add Saffron to it. Leave this for minimum 1 hour. This will help infuse the saffron’s flavor and color to milk.
2.)    In a big bowl take the boiling hot water and drop almonds in the bowl.
3.)    Cover this bowl and leave for at least 30-40 minutes.
4.)    Once done, the almond peel will be puffed from the almond and now you can easily take them off.
5.)    It will take little time, but the end product is worth all the efforts.. J
6.)    Once all the almonds are peeled, put them in a blender/mixer jar and make fine powder. ( make sure the powder is made
a.       Without using any water/Milk
b.      Is made as fine as possible so that while setting there is no coarse almond pieces which will create problem.
7.)    In a thick and a heavy bottom pan (preferably Non stick pan) add sugar and water. On high flame let the sugar dissolve and then let the mixture cook on medium flame for 2-3 minutes.
8.)    Once done, add the Saffron milk to sugar Syrup and mix well.
9.)    Now, add the Almond powder to the pan and be ready to show some muscle power, as now you need to continuously stir the mixture.
10.) As the mixture cooks it will becomes difficult to stir since the mixture will thicken up very quickly at this stage. The entire cooking will take 7-8 minutes.
11.)  Once the mixture is formed into a big lump like a soft dough, turn off the flame and take the mixture out on a plate/Bowl ( please do not skip this step, as the Pan is still hot , we cannot leave the mixture in the Pan. Else, the mixture will keep on cooking fuehrer and will be difficult to work with)
12.) Let the mixture cool down a little, so much so that you can touch the mixture
13.) In the meanwhile, Grease the Butter paper/plastic paper on which you plan to spread the mixture with Ghee or unsalted butter. Also grease the Knife that you will use to cut the barfi. ( A tip here, you can use pizza cutter to easily cut the evenly shaped Barfis)
14.)  Spread the mixture on the greased surface and using the rolling pin, with very gently hands roll the mix.
15.) Spread the mix up to a thickness of 1/3 inch, and then Spread Silver vark ( optional)
16.) Cut the Barfi/Katli in diamond shapes.

Voila, the Barfi/Katli are ready. These wholesome goodness of Almonds with awesome infused flavor of Saffron is a must try this festive season. So try it as I am sure your family and guests will definitely ask you for a second helping…

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Happy Celebration and keep cooking