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Aam Panna/ Raw Mango Slush

Aam Panna/ Raw Mango Slush

How Can summer and Summer coolers list be complete without the humble Masala Aam Panna. A raw mango drink infused with flavors of Roasted Cumin seeds, Mint and black Salt. Raw mango is available in abundance these days in market, People have started pickling of mangoes, making Dips and Chutneys, Jam and what not. With me my favorite way to enjoy the king of fruit is to peel them, and just dig in with a spoon. If the mangoes are well ripened the taste of a good mango beats the bestest of the dessert in the world…: D Well for me at least…: p yes I can even give on my favorite death by chocolate ice cream for good Mangoes, this is my love for mangoes.. :) And this love is inherited to my little champ too... He loves mangoes, mango ice cream and his favorite is Mango yogurt…

As far as Aam Panna/Raw Mango slush is concerned, I have very fond memories of this drink from my childhood days. While I was a kid we had a huge mango tree in our compound.  And each year it use to flood with mangoes… we as kids were warned not to try and pluck any mangoes from the tree because, even before they ripe we use to pluck them and play with them, which of course was such wasting of the tangy sour beauties…

But we use to wait for mom to make this yummy sweet and tangy drink for us every year. And yes, this recipe is again given to me by mom. As summer starts and I see Raw mangoes in market, I start preparing this drink, and one can always see a bottle full of this slush in my fridge all the time.. J
There are many additions alterations possible to this drink, as I call it Humble Aam Panna, and it taste good with any seasoning added to it..:)

So lets see hoe my version of Aam Panna Looks Like J


·         4-5 medium Sized Raw Mangoes
·         Black Salt 1 Tbsp
·         Sugar 3 Tbsp, you can add/reduce as per your taste
·         Roasted Cumin Seed 1 Tbsp
·         Dry Mint Leaves ( Use can use the Fresh one too by chopping them very finely)
·         1.5 liters Chilled Water
·         2 cups water to boil Mangoes


1.       Wash the Mangoes under running water thoroughly.
2.       In a pressure pan, add 2 cups of water along with Mangoes.
3.       Cook them for 1 whistle on high flame, and then let them simmer on minimum flame for 5-6 minutes by the clock.
4.       Once done, switch of the flame and let the mangoes cool completely.
5.       Now, in a big bowl strain the water from the pan (DO NOT DISCARD THIS WATER).
6.       With a knife remove stem of each mango, and with help of a spoon take the entire pulp from the mango. ( ensure to extract all the pulp from Seed,  and Mango peel)
7.       Add this pulp to the same bowl, in which we have kept the strained water from pressure pan.
8.       Once, the pulp is extracted add the seasoning ingredients I.e. Black Salt, Sugar and Dry Mint leaves ( Ensure to Crush the Mint leaves between your Palms)
9.       Using a Hand Mixer/ Blender Food Processor churn everything together. You can do this step with the help of a whisk too, but by using an electric blender/Food processor the pulp is nicely crushed in paste to give extra flavor to the drink.
10.   Once done, add chilled water along with Roasted Cumin Seeds (Ensure to crush the Cumin Seeds Between your Palms) and stir everything nicely.
11.   Your Mango slush/Amm Panna is ready, you can garnish it with little Chat Masala If you want else enjoy it as it is.. :)

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