Monday, April 20, 2015

Home Made Strawberry Jam with 3 Ingridients

Home Made Strawberry Jam with 3 Ingredients ( without Artificial Color/Flavors or Preservatives?

Who Doesn't Loves Jam?? Though I know there would be many who don't, but I am talking about majority.. :D

Before we Bid Adieu to yummy, juicy and flavorful Strawberries, I finally tried my first ever jamming process and the results were super Awesome. I have referred to the basic jam from ( Jam without Pectin)

Trust me there can be nothing better than home made jams, especially if you have kids at home and they love having a bread toast or parantha with jam, this home made easy version of Jam recipe is a blessing. I love this recipe even more for the fact tat it uses no preservatives no Food Colors. Yes, you read it right, A Home made Jam with goodness of Fresh Fruits and no artificial color or flavor and no preservatives too :)

With this first trial of Jam making I am literally loving the process of Jam making, and would be doing lot more of Jam making from now.. Its easy, its Natural, Its Healthy and Its Homemade.. We all want to eat such food right???

So lets begin with the Ingredients then Things required to make Jam and Finally the Process..

- 3 Cups of hulled and roughly chopped Strawberries
- 3 cups of Sugar
- 4 tbsp of Lime/lemon juice

Things required
- Masher to mash Strawberries
- a big bowl
- a big and heavy bottom Pan
- a wooden spoon or any other ladle/spoon
- very imp. sterilized bottled to store jam

1. Take a bowl and dump in the chopped strawberries in it.
2. using a masher, mash the strawberries nicely.
3. Now put the pan on high flame on the gas.
4. pour all the mashed?pureed strawberries in the pan.
5. Add lemon juice and sugar to the pan.
6. Continuously stir the mix till all the sugar is dissolved.
7. Once sugar is dissolved, let the mixture come to a boil on high flame.
8. once the mixture comes to a boil, put the flame on medium and let the mixture cook stirring every minute or so.
9. As the sugar caramelizes the jam will thicken up. On medium flame it will take anywhere between 8-10 minutes to cook the jam.

Ways to check if the jam is done
a. ) Drop Test- Take a spoon full of jam and drop it from little height, if its too runny you need to cook it more, if its taking little time to drop, that means jam is done.
b.)  Checking from back of the spoon/Ladle - when a spoon is dipped in jam mixture and you see the jam is sticking to the back of the spoon and not flowing back to the vessel immediately the jam is done.

10. by checking from any of the above methods, you can determine when the jam is cooked and needs no further heating.
11. Once cooked, turn of the flame and let the jam cool completely before you put it in jar.
12. Ensure to use ONLY STERILIZED BOTTLES to store the jam.

Enjoy this homemade jam over a toast, desserts, flat breads it will definitely satisfy your taste buds... :) :)

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