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Kesar, Badam and Pista Kulfi/ Saffron, Almond and Pistachio Ice Cream(Indian Style)

Kesar, Badam and Pista Kulfi/ Saffron, Almond and Pistachio Ice Cream (Indian Style)

Summers Without Ice Creams are like Winters Without Soup.. :D

Who doesn’t like to indulge in some Creamy, Chilled, and Mouth watering Ice Creams when it’s dead hot out..?? In India its terribly hot in all the states and regions... And everyone these days strive to prepare something chilling that could give them some comfort and relief from extremely hot climate..

I also make myself and family a few of my all time Fav. Summer Desserts and share here on the blog with all my foodie friends.. The desserts includes some recipes that have been with me since my childhood in form of my Mommy’s preparations, Some recipes that are personal favorite of mine, some that completes the Summer Desserts, and Some that Family Adores ( there stands no chance , not to take care of family’s preferences…:P )

I Start the Beat the Heat (Summer Desserts/ Beverages/ Sorbets /Ice Creams and Many more ) with this Classic Indian Style Saffron, Almond and Pistachios Kulfi. 

Kulfi Defines a Frozen Creamy dessert, required no churning or whipping. It’s much Dense and Creamier than the regular Ice Creams.

I am sharing a quick 12-15 minutes recipe of An amazing Creamy and Delicious Kesar, Badam and Pista Kulfi.. I can warn you to make few extras as you will not be able to stop yourself at one..: P: D
Let’s start with the ingredients List Followed by the preparations steps..  

Ingredients (Will Make Approx. 6 Medium Sized Kulfi)

·         1 Liter Full Fat /full Cream Milk
·         2 Tbsp of Corn flour ( Plain Flour/Maida will work fine too)
·         Saffron ¼ Tsp
·         ¼ cup Sliced/Finely Chopped Almonds ( you can add r reduce the nuts as per your preferences)
·         2-3 Tbsp Slices/Chopped Pistachios  ( You can add r reduce the nuts as per your preferences)
·         3 Tbsp Sugar ( you can add reduce Sugar as per personal preference on sweetness)
·         ¾ cup Fresh Cream/Amul Cream
·         ¼ cup of condensed milk
·         Few Saffron Strands and Chopped Nuts for Garnishing
·         Kulfi  Moulds/Popsicle Mould

1.       Take Corn flour in a small bowl and add few Tbsp of room temperature water, and make a thick paste from it.
2.       Take a heavy bottom Pot and pour the milk and bring it to a boil, stirring in between to avoid milk from getting burnt.
3.       Take 2 Tbsp of hot water and soak the saffron ( so as to release all the color and flavors from it)
4.       Just when you see the milk is coming to a boil add Fresh Cream, Sugar, Condensed Milk and corn flour paste and mix everything well.
5.       After adding all the ingredients in step 4 you will see the milk will start thickening quickly.
6.       At this point of time add Saffron and soaked water to the mixture.
7.       Add the Chopped nuts, leaving few for garnishing.
8.       Cook the mixture till reaches consistency of custard/Rabri and then turn off the flame.
9.       Leave the mixture to cool completely.
10.   Once done, pour the mixture in mould and pop in freezer to set for minimum 6 hours/overnight is preferable.
11.   De mould the Kulfi and Enjoy them, you can add some garnishing if you want. But, trust me the Kulfi will taste amazing even without them.

Keep cooking and stay blessed
With Love

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