Thursday, May 14, 2015

Eggless Besan/Gram Flour Cookies

Eggless Besan/Gram Flour Cookies

Today again its super healthy cookies coming your way.. :) these cookies are absolutely melt in mouth, super delicious and just too tempting to resist.
if you love besan/gram flour ladoos, you are going to adore these cookies... today i bring to you complete besan cookie made with just 4 basic ingredients, i have shared this recipe of besan nankhatis earlier as well, but this one is even better with just besan used as the main ingredients. no apf for binding, no semolina for crunchiness… just plan goodness for ghee/clarified butter z and besan/gram . the taste of roasted besan combined with cardamom gives an super awesome combination which results in these amazing cookies.
this cookie recipe is the most regular in my kitchen. i make a fresh batch twice a month and they vanish just in a week…:d both daddy dear and sonshine loves them, and don’t wait for even them to cool. in morning a glass of milk with 2 of these cookies and trust me your breakfast is sorted for a while.
So, without any further talking let’s get into action with the ingredients followed by the process:

* 1 cup Besan/ gram flour 
* Desi ghee 1/2 cup/ clarified white butter
* Powdered sugar 1/2 cup
* 1/2 Tsp. Baking Powder
* Cardamom/elaichi 1/2 tsp
* Almond/pista flakes for garnishing (optional)

Pre Heat the oven at 180 degrees C

1. Take a bowl put together butter and powdered sugar and beat it well till;
Forms a creamy and fluffy mixture.
2. In a separate bowl take flour, Baking Powder and mix.
3. Add, cardamom powder to it before you go ahead and mix the flour to the sugar 
4. Once done combine dry and wet ingredients and using your hand mix them 
5. Please ensure not to knead the dough like thaat of chapati dough.
6.  Rest the dough for 30 mints. In fridge covered with plastic wrap ot kitchen towel ,and then start taking small portions of the dough between 
your palm shape them like a ball and then press a little between your palms. 
7. Garnish them with desired almond/pista flakes before popping them in oven.
8. Bake on same Temperature for 15 minutes or till you see a light golden crust on top of the cookies.

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