Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Eggless Chocolate biscuit cake

Eggless Chocolate biscuit cake

Do you have kids at home??
Do they eat biscuit or cookies??
Do they eat half and leave the rest??
So, what to do with all those broken, leftover biscuits?? Throw them??? No no no, not now...:) 
Look at the pictures below, this cake is made from those biscuits...:) :)
Yes, it's true. An eggless, chocolate cake made from scratch ( broken biscuits).

My 20 months old champ eats half a biscuit and would leave the rest. I had accumulated a jar full of such broken biscuit. And the biscuits were assorted starting from Oreo, to butter cookies, Jim jam and many others. I obviously don't wanted to waste and discard them. Thought of transforming them into an yummy cake and the results were to die for .

Super moist, super soft yummilicious cake...:)

- broken biscuit, approx. 2 cups roughly filled
- 1 cup lukewarm milk
- 1 tbsp powdered sugar ( since I has biscuits that were sweet enough, I have used very less sugar you can add more depending upon the biscuits you are using )
-  1/2 tsp baking soda
- 1 tsp vanilla extract
- 1 tbsp coco powder ( since I had less chocolate biscuit I used coco, if you are using more chocolate biscuits. You can skip this step).
- 8" greased baking tray

1. Take a grinder jar and put all the biscuits in the jar as shown in picture below.

2. Make a smooth powder of the biscuits, as shown in picture below. 

3. Take the biscuit powder in a bowl, and add powdered sugar and mix well.
4. Now add milk little by little to make smooth cake batter. 

5. Add vanilla and coco powder aNd mix well.
6. Now just before pouring the batter in cake tin, add baking soda and quickly give the batter a good mix.
7. Pour the batter in greased tin. At this stage you can sprinkle some nuts to garnish, I have used some almond flakes. 

8. Bake the cake in pre heated oven at 180 degrees C for approx 25 minutes, or till a tooth pic, comes clean.

Your yummy cake from scratch is ready....:) 

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