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No Cook/No Bake Lycee/Litchee Cheese Cake

No Cook/No Bake Lycee/Litchee Cheese Cake

So this is my Second Post to the #BeatTheHeat Series

As shared earlier I’ll be doing some summer special recipes this season and share with you all. The series continuous with this NO Bake No Cook Lychee Cheese Cake. J

Who Thinks a Cheese Cake is an Extravagant Dessert that is available only at restaurants?? Well, Give it a thought again and look at the pictures of this yummy, refreshing and easy to prepare cheesecake that I have prepared at the comfort of my home with few ingredients.

You can whip up a cheese cake in no time and without much effort, you just need to get hold of few ingredients that are easily available at any grocery/baking Store these days.

Lychee is my Favorite summer Fruit, yes you read it right, I love Litchis more than Mangoes..:) I find absolutely refreshing, sweet when perfectly ripened and so juicy…  I personally Love Lychee Ice Cream, and any other dessert made From Lychee, so is my Love for Litchis… :D

This season I tried my hand on the Lychee Cheese Cake, and it was yummmm… Just Yummm 

We finished the whole cheesecake in just 2 days, it was light, perfect Sweetened, refreshing and a perfect delight for that hot sunny day..

So let’s begin with the list of Ingredients followed by the steps..


·         A Loose Bottom/Spring Form Cake Tin. A loose Bottom Tart Pan would work too.
·         18-20 nos.  Low Sugar/Digestive Biscuit
·         4 tbsp of melted butter
·         300 Grams of Cream Cheese, I have Used Britania ( if you are not able to get hold of Cream Cheese you can use ¾ cup of thick hung Curd)
·         ¾ Cup of  sweetened Condensed Milk
·         ½ Cup Whipped Cream
·         200 Grams of shredded  Paneer/Cottage Cheese
·         ¾ cup of Lychee Puree
·         2 tbsp of Gelatin Powder/can b replaced by agar agar powder 
·         3 Tbsp of Warm water


1.       Take a blender jar/ Food Processor add biscuits and make a smooth powder out of them.
2.       Take out the biscuit powder in a bowl add Melted butter and mix thoroughly with tips of your finger.
3.       Now set this mixture in a greased loose bottom cake ban. Start with bottom, ensure to set very tightly. Start with your finger tips then you can use back of a flat glass to smoothen the surface. Pop this in fridge to set for at least 30 minutes.
4.       In a small bowl add gelatin powder and water, and start stirring the gelatin as soon as you can after adding it to water. Mix till the gelatin dissolves completely with water.
5.       Set this gelatin mixture aside to cool.
6.       Now, In a blender jar/ Food Processor add Condensed milk, Cottage Cheese, Cream Cheese and mix them nicely.
7.       Once done, add Lychee Puree and Whipping cream to the mix and once again mix everything well.
8.       Now, add the gelatin mixture and give the mixture a final mix.
9.       Pour this mixture on biscuit layer of the Cake pan and smoothen the surface with back of a spoon/Spatula.
10.   Keep the cake pan back in fridge and this time for 3-4 hours so as to set the cake nicely.
11.   After 3-4 hours once cake is set nicely, decorate as your desire. I have used some Curry Leaves and whole Lychee, be creative and show your skills to decorate your own cheesecake..:)
12.   From bottom of the Cake pan, lift the cake very gently. Slice , serve and don’t forget to indulge yourself and give a tap on your back for creating this exceptionally amazing Cheesecake..:)

Happy Cooking and Stay Blessed
Shikha <3

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